TAMusic Collaboration Works

    I’ve just escaped from the “9 am class everyday” hell by skipping them because it happens that that class (condensed matter)’s lecture slides and audio are recorded. It’s much quicker to read the math by myself, say, from Ashcroft and Mermin and then skip the video lecture to the phenomenological bits. So, fortunately, now I can maintain my routine schedule of morning exercise and meditation.

    So much has happened during the last two weeks. In brief, I talked with professor Noah Linden and seriously considered doing a master-PhD in applied mathematics. It’s a news to me that math students (at least here) get to learn more foundational side of physics. Probably I can explain a bit more about that later. But for now, let’s resume our usual activity, listening to (Touhou’s) violin/piano arranges. (It’s almost always Touhou’s isn’t it?) This time, it’s TAM/KEIGO and TAM/A’ collaborations. Hope you enjoy them.

Walking the Streets of a Former Hell

Last Remote

I don’t know what’s the original of this one. It can be a “Ishiwatari Daisuke-style good end” theme.


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