Retrospective Kyoto (レトロスペクティブ京都)

    Here is a piano and violin arrange of Retrospective Kyoto from Touhou Shoot the Bullet (Touhou 9.5 according to Wikipedia) by TAMusic. The second one is almost the same but without violin.

I can’t help but feel awe at the vastness of the sky while listening to the song. It’s 5 pm right now and the sun is setting. Buildings become mere black shadows with the orange light coming off the windows here and there. The clouds drift slowly, but fast enough to be noticable. And as I stare at them, the sky blackens.

    Going on and musing about the meaning of life would then be cliché. Just thank God (หรือดื่มวีต้าแล้วไปนอนซะ).


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นักเรียน, นักเขียน, นักวาด
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