What Science Is

“To doubt everything, or, to believe everything, are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.” Henri Poincaré.

“A belief isn’t, by itself, irrational; what is irrational is the process whereby beliefs are arrived at, or maintained, in the face of evidence.” Morendil@Less Wrong

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” Carl Sagan

    Seeing these explicitly written in words make internalization much easier. If you completely refute these statements, it’s not that you refute a “dogma called science” but rather the rationality itself. Science (and our belief system) is a human activity; it can never be perfect, but it is one of the best practical tools that we have.

    In the same way that I think bounded rationality of most world population excludes Buddhism, that of Thai people excludes science. At the same time that I don’t want to be too open-minded, I also don’t want to quickly agree to disagree with, approximately, type-2 or more thinkers defined, in “On Self-Delusion and Bounded Rationality” linked above, to be people who prefer advantageous belief over truth if they don’t coincide.

P.S.1 It is amusing that, from most westerners’ point of view, I would be a Buddhist, but from most Thai people’s point of view, I would be an atheist (in a sense of “not religious”). It depends on what one imagines when hearing the word “religious” I guess. For me, it’s more similar to faith, and faith and belief are not the same thing.

ป.ล.๒ เขียนเรื่องนี้เพราะเมื่อวานคุยกับแม่เรื่องบทความของคุณอติเทพที่เรารู้จักครั้งแรกในกระทู้ในตำนานบอร์ดภาคชีวะมหิดลเรื่องท่าน ว. วชิรเมธีมา ถ้าใครอยากคุยกับเราต่อก็ยินดี


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