Welcome to a year of the tiger. An obvious victim of fanarts would be Taiga from Tora Dora! but probably a cat is fine too. Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be many choices, so I’ll wait to draw Udonge and Tewi (rabbits) next year. I don’t have any inclination to draw the nekomata Chen now.

Actually that isn’t the point of the picture. I just tried to draw using only Photoshop and a mouse. (I haven’t tried to do this with a freeware Paint.net yet.)

This is the first time I use what I dub the successive approximation method, because of the similarity to this type of analog-to-digital converter, to draw sharp boundaries. The problem was that it’s hard to draw a fine outline with just a mouse. So just draw the outline first, however ugly it is. What matters is that it gives you a general shape that you want.

Along a boundary between two different areas A and B, color A so that it creeps into B. (If it doesn’t creep into B but perfectly match the boundary then stop.) Then correct that by coloring B until it creeps into A. Each succession will give a better fit. You know the pattern.

As usual, I tried to limit the time spent on the drawing.

New Year’s Day merely comes from us choosing a coordinate system, so it’s just my excuse to draw something.



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นักเรียน, นักเขียน, นักวาด
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