Q2C Wrap Up 2

Harnessing Quantum Physics

    This talk spends most of the time getting around quantum algorithm and a bit on experimental schemes. One of the speakers is Peter Shor, known for the famous Shor’s factorization algorithm. You’ll get to see a glimpse of great ideas in theoretical computer science like P and NP problems. What’s most informative to me is the exchange between computer scientists and physicists concerning vaious possibilities for the future. Is a quantum computer better than a classical computer? Can a classical computer simulate a quantum computer? What if a quantum computer doesn’t work because actually quantum mechanics doesn’t hold universally? (But don’t expect any detailed answer here.)

    If you don’t know, quantum computation and information is a very young field. Before the birth of Shor’s algorithm in 1994, it was a relatively obscure field.1

1. Seth Lloyd, Quantum Information Matters 

Programming Bits and Atoms

    This fascinating talk introduces you to theoretical computer science where everything is computing and computing is everything. This includes natural computing especially physical computing (that incorperates the notion of causality), digital fabrication as an innovation following digital communication and digital computation, and finally exciting outreach programs that might change the world. Watch it to see how. Hey, it already made a grad student learnt a lesson that progresses his PhD thesis from an eight year old girl!

    That’s all I watched and found to be interesting. If you love cosmology, many talks are there for you too.


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