Happy Halloween

    As I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to summarizing things, the lecture study notes pages begin to look pretty. And on Monday, the long awaited information theory class’ll finally begin.

    Today’s Halloween. Therefore, behold my crappy Halloween art!

That’s Remi for you!

    This doesn’t look like a doodle (oekaki) anymore, but I think it can be, judging from a really jacked, thick ugly edge. Another sad thing is that the ball pens I bought here is not pointy like the pens I used to use. Hopefully you move a bit further away from the screen and find an angle that when you tilt the screen that way the picture looks really good.

    By the way, why can’t I make my art looks lolier? Is this an uncertainty relation? A lolicon can’t draw a loli?


About Ninnat Dangniam

นักเรียน, นักเขียน, นักวาด
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