Q2C Wrap Up 1

q2c lectures turns out to be very fun. I’ve only watched a few of them. I didn’t like “Quantum Physics in Sixty Minutes” much, so I’ll say a bit about the other “pure” quantum (without computing) talk first.

Quantum Foundations: From Plato’s Cave to Bertlmann’s Socks

    I recommend without reservation anyone who is reading this blog but doesn’t know the mystery of quantum mechanics to watch this. It covers Stern-Gerlach experiment, the state vector formalism in two dimensions, and Bell’s theorem. And what’s more? You can hear it from Robert Spekkens! I thought this talk’d hint a bit more to his epistemic toy model, which my QM teacher also has done some follow-up, or to the nonlocal box by my prospective QI teacher Sandu Popescu. Nevertheless, this’s an enjoyable talk.

    Two more blog posts to go. If I don’t watch more talks.


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