Touhou Piano/Orchestra Arranges

    I finally begin to write up a class note. The first one is from a 2nd year cosmology class. You can find it on the page “Lecture Notes.”

    In a last few days, I’ve changed from meditating in the morning to doing so before I go to bed, so I don’t have to do it before going to school.  Today Peung happened to write a blog post about his meditation (in Thai). I might have something useful to say about the conception of time and the idea permanent self, but I decide that I don’t feel like writing about it now.

    Thinking about it, It’s been a long time since I last posted awesome piano or violin compositions. I usually watch videos at niconico. Sometimes there’s a compilation of arranges that’s like an hour long but finding them in youtube is not so easy (if they exist at all). Finding nameless BGMs is impossible.

    Oh. And please don’t mind me blogging daily. 🙂

The title screen theme song of Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom “Mystic Dream – 妖々夢 ~ Snow or Cherry Petal” orchestra

“Voile the Magic Library” orchestra

“Locked Girl” piano


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4 Responses to Touhou Piano/Orchestra Arranges

  1. rkcosmos says:

    Hmm I like these Japanese orchestras

  2. Gin Freeces says:

    Very beautiful website with impressive articles.

  3. Pichet says:


    By the way, are you in the UK now?

  4. truecrimson says:

    Glad someone likes it.

    Don’t post like a spambot! lol

    Yes, I’m in the UK.

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